Ride the Neural Network continues the chronicles of the Benwarians, an alien race from a distant planet who seek to make Earth their home. Travis and his nephew devise a plan to rescue Logan’s father from Robben Island Prison. Before they can do so, Travis must save Windy’s soul by excising her traumatic memories. Travis studies human behavior and psychology and learns how to affect the mind and emotions while Logan learns to mind travel. The two of them use their knowledge to help Windy. With their newly acquired skills, they attempt to free Porter. When Travis uses the prison staff’s Christian beliefs to manipulate and distract them, he makes a mind shattering discovery. This story can be understood without reading the previous novels. It is a frank examination of Christianity, the human mind, and gun violence wrapped in an exciting story of friendship and duty.
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Michelle Williams

At first I thought that “Riding the Neural Networks” was some type of scientific lesson on how to stimulate, focus and improve one’s mental ability. But instead this is an extremely interesting read that engages you from the very beginning and gives you a lot of moments on which to reflect.

The first part of the story is made up of the horrible and violent interactions with Windy and Travis, she’s violent, greedy and clearly troubled. And yet Travis treats her with delicacy and care as he makes it his point of duty to “cure” her.

There is a touch of the supernatural, there is a little Christianity which could also be interpreted as world love and there are examples of real life experiences that most people would go through. It is how these are presented along with Travis’ interpretations –who is some sort of alien – that gives you food for thought.

There are comparisons to a race of fictional people – the Benwarians – who no longer have a planet due to their violence and greed and to us humans on earth and our future. These would make you stop and re-think about your personal actions and interactions – a whole lot of food for thought!

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