51TJtNxT1cL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_I’m from Little Rock Arkansas in 1955, mom moves Monticello Arkansas I was an average student and not studying too much on my own as I had chores at home and so I paid attention in school and did my homework and nearly graduated on time, in 1973. Yet I did not graduate on time, but I joined the U.S. Army in 1979 learned to hunt men, and build bridges and set the explosives that would blow them up, and how to stay alive if they started dropping some chemicals on us. After doing my U.S. Army tour of Duty, I went to night school in 1983, 1 year of Deutsch /German. I re-enlisted Observation Scout Helicopter repairs, put helicopters in the air, but with a serious back injury, a doctor that did not know what to do, a torn the ligament, right knee, I didn’t get proper medical attention, that cost me the use of the right leg. I was retired early, and now have time to write my book(s), and this is only my first. I speak English, Deutsch/German, now I am learning Dutch/Netherlands. I work online a few hours a day and offer people a website without a limit on pages that they can set up. 10 100 or more is great with this company. This company has become #37 of fortune 500 best and fastest growing companies, here is the website if you want to visit, sign up or just sign the guest book. https://www.website.ws/members/index.dhtml?userid=james2971 or at http://www.i-make-money-here.ws Always & Sincerely Yours! Eltonjd04

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Hello I am a Retired U. S. Army Sergeant I have stopped now with my working online to make more money. A Retirement check will have to keep me alive till death.

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