The sun has broken through the inevitable hole in the Earth’s atmosphere, and the only survivors are those underground during the event. Seven young people, led by a girl in a wheelchair, her nerdy high school attendant, and a boy with Down Syndrome, meet in the ruins of a private school in their hometown of Marion, Massachusetts. One finds a portable radio in a ruined basement, and the group hears the plea of the one station still broadcasting. “Please come to Rockport.” So begins a journey across the length of the state, in hopes of finding the one parent who may still be alive.
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“Great read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Kathryn Cushman

Great read, I love how they all came together and helped each other, each with their own talent and input, and finding each other exactly when needed. My two favorite characters are Teddy and Rosy.

About the Author

I am a 67 year-old writer living in Portland, Oregon, USA. Ring Around the Rosy is my first book, published January 10, 2017. I am married to Susan, and live with her, son Spenser, and step-daughter Marie. I have another son, Cameron, living in Florida.
After a career in human services, much of which was serving in Director positions for residential treatment programs, I retired at age 62 in hopes of chasing long-held dreams. With someone I met on-line I co-wrote, played, and sang on a CD of original doo wop music, published in 2013. In addition, at my wife’s suggestion, I took up painting and now have been painting for more than five years. Working in both oils and acrylics I have moved from flowers and landscapes, to animal portraits and eventually abstraction. I have an artist website ( and have had a number of public showings.
My true calling, however, has been writing. My father was a journalist and editor, and I wrote for high school and college newspapers, and for agency newsletters through my career. In 2014 I took a course in Fiction Writing at Portland State University, and have from that time on considered myself a writer of fiction. Primarily I have found myself working in the genres of science fiction, speculative fiction, and fantasy. I’ve always been a reader, and my favorite authors, to name a few, are Jack Kerouac, James Lee Burke, Walter Mosley, and Hunter Thompson.
Rosy is my first book. I am presently completing final stories (including a novella) for two collections of stories, and hope to have both published by the fall of 2017. Please keep and eye out for Astoria Strange and Collected Strays. And thanks for visiting my Author Page.

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