by –  Evan Baldock (Author)

A Super Six Adventure

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Book Description:

Following their first thrilling adventure, the Super Six travel to the world of the Ringles once again!
Greeted by their Ringle friends and two members of The Ministry, they are whisked off to a wonderful place called Ringletown, where the floors and ceilings are made of something resembling spongy coloured marshmallow! They visit incredible shops, where they play amazing games in the weirdest toy shop, and fly on the backs of huge creatures called Burpers.
One of the Burpers tells Noah of a plan by an evil group of Ringles called the Squits. They plan to unlock the force field protecting the town and allow their sworn enemies the Groobers to invade. Noah bravely investigates, but things don’t go well, he twists his ankle and is taken hostage.
Can the Super Six rescue Noah in time and save Ringletown?
Or will they all be taken prisoner and find themselves unable to return home?
Book 2 in the Super Six Adventure Series

About the Author: Evan Baldock

Evan was born in Pembury, Kent in 1956 and attended grammar school in Tunbridge Wells.

He left the Metropolitan Police after 30 years service in 2011, serving as one of the countries first Football Intelligence Officers until 1996, then transferring to West End Central, where for 15 years he worked in Soho.

For several years Evan helped run the Soho Unit, specialising in combating drug dealing in the West End. During his career he frequently ran test purchase and buy-bust operations against drug dealers, resulting in the seizure of large amounts of drugs, and the successful prosecution of over 200 dealers, many of whom received lengthy prison sentences.

After retiring from the Metropolitan police, Evan opened ‘Sweet Expectations’ in Rochester, Kent, the UK’s first vegetarian sweet shop.

In 2016 he sold the shop business and retired, before taking up writing in January 2019.

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