This story is based on fact. It is an account of the issues and events that took over the author’s life for decades. Part spiritual journey, part whodunnit, RIP-Synergy describes the uncovering of a rogue spirit who is taking young lives in a brutal fashion for no apparent reason, and in an almost undetectable manner. At the request of spirit elders, the narrator teams up with a sympathetic police inspector to track down the rogue spirit, in order to prevent further loss of life and restore equilibrium to the spiritual realms.
RIP-Synergy is the first of a trilogy of books dealing with many aspects of the human condition. It is a whirlwind journey of soul, spirit and energetic discovery. This is a book for anyone who has ever thought about the meaning of life on earth, and what might lay beyond.
The author of this book writes under the pseudonym of Len E Hooke.

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“Intriguing, mystical, funny and thought-provoking thriller”

Five Star Review on Amazon by FrannyM2

Read the whole book over the Easter weekend. I couldn’t put it down!! Some of the beginning chapters are hard to digest and it made me question my own belief’s more than once. Although I was intrigued when I read that some of it was based on true life events – there were not many of these – or it was not made clear which parts of the book were real and what was fiction- but that’s what had me hooked! The book was scary, funny, full of suspense and frustratingly left on a cliff hanger!!!!!! Can’t wait to read the next book. If you like to be dragged into a book where everything else going on around you just fades into oblivion and you can’t wait until your next fix then you will enjoy this book!!

About the Author

Len E. Hooke lives in Orpington, United Kingdom with his wife and son. From a young age he had an interest in otherworldly issues. Later, he undertook a journey to uncover his spiritual core. He works as a psychic, hypnotherapist, healer and life coach. He hopes to use his books to invoke the same desire in his readers for a deeper personal spiritual insight. The first book in his trilogy, RIP – Synergy is dedicated to all those people struggling to find their own truths, to the people who know that change is inevitable and who are courageous enough to open their minds to the possibilities that lie just beyond conventional thought.

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