Rise of Dresca

by – Tim McKay (Author)

(The Draemeir Chronicle Book 1)

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Book Description:

Action-packed and filled with a healthy dose of magic, mayhem, and fantastical lore, Rise of Dresca is a phenomenal start to what promises to be a riveting epic fantasy series.
– Pikasho Deka from Readers’ Favorite

From the pits of an ancient darkness, a new power is rising.

In Rise of Dresca, a lone survivor from a terrible battle finds himself trapped in ruins haunted by a vile creature and secrets from eons past. His quest to survive will shape the fate of worlds.

Meanwhile, a lord’s daughter sets off on her own journey to fight an evil corruption that’s taken hold of those she loves, one by one.

And a young girl, oblivious to the wars raging around her and the terrible power building within her jumbled mind, discovers family, friends, and hope in the unlikeliest of places.

Witness the dawn of a new age, and learn if what evil intended to harm you…

… can become something far more terrible.

Rise of Dresca is the first book of the Draemeir Chronicle.

Reviews for the Book

Have you ever read a book that the first impression you had about the author was: “ He’s a F-*bleep*-ing SAVAGE!!!!” ? No, then grab this book and feel it first hand, ahahhaha. You will never find this stuff in the BIG 5 publishers, ahahhahahaha. IF you are looking for a relentless, action, rage-filled dark fantasy book, then look no further. This is bestselling material right here! No hellos, no “my name is”, no characters getting to know each other, just someone hell bent on killing, blood and throats being split. Tim McKay knows how to keep readers engaged, that’s for sure. Magic, dragon blood shots, dragons, assassins, killing your main character for no reason, raptors, and much, much more. The book can go from action packed, to mysterious, to dangerous to silly and dumb, and then to mysterious and dangerous in an instant, and you cannot help but be taken away from wave after wave of incredible scenes. Have you ever read a book with replay? No? Then get this one. Magic swords, dragons and epic fights will be scattered at every other page along with intrigue, conspiracies and a dilemma: The mind control force that is higher than the main character, (that refuses, or dislikes being controlled), is used towards the main character in order to defeat the forces of evil that use the same power. That will leave you questioning: “Who is really guiding this character, and why? Is it a good force, or a brutally selvatic one without reason, as it many times appears to be?” A novel so well planned that you will feel that the author threw a plot line and then forgot about it, just to pick it up several chapters later and connect the dots. This approach will keep you HOOKED to the book as the plot gives little to nothing away.
The Rise of Dresca, is a book so intense, so filled with mystery, action and magic, that you see the plot advance to a future that one entity wants to avoid, and you realize by the end of the book the intentions of the author and you say: “DAMN, this is going to be a heck of fantasy series!”. One of the most breath-taking fantasy books written by an indie author. If you like dark fantasy filled with action, magic and dragons, you don’t want to miss out on this title, grab your copy now, because this is bestselling material. - Avid Reader

About the Author: Tim McKay

Tim McKay is an author, editor, and marketer from Ottawa, Canada. He used to be a pastor, still cares about good and evil, and still strives to create meaningful experiences for himself and others. Now he does it through writing.

He has degrees in history, theology, and public policy, along with a diploma in professional writing, but likes nothing more than hiking in the woods, running along the Rideau Canal, and connecting with the people he loves.

Oh, and reading a good book.