Elizabeth is a young girl that struggles to fit into her everyday life as she knows it, on planet Earth. She never had many friends growing up, so it was always so easy for her to feel all alone inside of her own mind. One day a small ray of hope breaks through and the dark storm clouds seem to lift completely, as she has finally turned eighteen and can’t wait to find a place of her own, to move into. She had always dreamed of being free from her father’s negative and often abusive clutches.

As fate would have it, she is hit by a car while crossing the street and wakes up in a different world. She comes to know this place as the afterlife. Many may take that to mean, that it is perfect and free from suffering. Elizabeth knows better than to make that assumption. She will go head to head with the creatures that have stalked her nightmares since she was a child. She will learn how to use the powers that have existed within her soul since the beginning of time.

Of course she can’t do it without a little bit of help from her biggest ally, Nokti, a disgraced ghost elf who will stop at nothing to help Elizabeth break free from her chains and become what legends are made of. In this harrowing tale, Elizabeth learns that very little is impossible with the help of her friend Nokti.

In this book I write about lower souls, middle souls, higher souls, jumping off points, astral projection, remote viewing, akashic records, life charts, chakra meditation, soul mates and soul twins. I hope to expand the mind of any soul who picks up this book.

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“Awesome book!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Amanda Bentzinger

Loved the introduction to the book. Had me hooked and wanting more. Can’t wait for the rest of the series.

About the Author

I am currently writing a book I hope to publish soon. I would love to hear from anyone who is writing or has put a book out.

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