A sick boy in a plastic bubble. A girl on the run from tragedy. An entire world in peril from demonic forces. And a heavenly realm where good and evil forever do battle. They all come together as the Sixty Fourth Book of Dreams is opened. Join the teenage Titus and Bina as they discover their destiny as Sleepwalkers and get caught up in the dreamscape battleground of Somnambula. Share their thrilling journey across two interconnected worlds, guarded by their Sentry but pursued by hideously possessed Night Reivers. It’s the first of the Sleepwalker instalments, but it’s a battle that has been raging from the beginning of creation and one that will continue to the end of time.
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Damian Scott has been a serious writer ever since Miss Hill said “not bad” to his essay on ‘What You Did At The Weekend’ in his second year at Bramhall High School. Well, kind of. He ended up as a copywriter working in numerous UK ad agencies as well as being a part-time musician – singer and guitarist with blink-and-you-missed-them nineties band Boat Thief. He now lives, writes and strums from his English Lake District home. Damian is married to renowned artist Julie Ann Scott and has two amazing daughters – Ella and Libby. Somnambula Calling is his long-gestating first full novel and the beginning of his Sleepwalker Instalments series. He likes to think that Miss Hill would be proud.

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