Yes Master: Rise of the Witch by Jason Kondrath

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Book Description

This is the edited version of the Unabridged.
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About the Author

I am a professional writer who specializes in short stories, Yes, Master: Rise of the Witch is actually my first novel. If you are interested in other stories or articles that I have written the easiest way is to go to my personal website:

I used to watch horror movies on television and at the theater, and I saw the same garbage passing for entertainment, and I would scream at the television, I can do better than this shit!!!
Well, 30 years later I finally did it. I have to be honest, its hard to write a bad story, let alone a good one, but to try to come up with something that people have never seen before -an original idea, irreparable.

I hope you read my material and comment and let me know, good or bad, I take it all.



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