31bgoNIlLIL._UX250_A Rising Moon on Domestic Violence – a powerful set of poems that will stir your emotions and challenge you to be an advocate for the reduction of Domestic Violence. Well done Liz Blade on the release of your latest ebook.

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About the Author

Born in Melbourne Australia and raised in Adelaide, South Australia Elizabeth Blade has been one thing all of her life and that has been a dreamer.

As a child she dreamed that she would someday share her words with the world and she has always imagined that her books, that forever click over in her mind, will be shown to all the people of the world.

Elizabeth is in the middle of writing a variety of novels and books for all ages.

She also likes to write lyrics for songs and hopes that someday she can write lyrics for some of the best artists in the world.

“It is a pipe dream but sometimes it is good to dream big”.

Elizabeth also likes to write poetry and has been writing poetry since she was just a child.

Words can be inspiring and Elizabeth’s goal in life is to inspire others.

Elizabeth Blade also enjoys writing her blogs, interacting with her twitter followers of over 36 thousand and counting, plus creating inspirational podcasts for her loyal listeners.

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