dvsvffvsdvsBorn of human science and alien technology, a Posthuman race came into existence. Champions, deviants, slackers and celebrities, each one is unique, each one is capable of affecting the lives of millions. But so much power cannot be controlled, and the age of heroes ended in fire and blood at the dawn of the Twenty-First Century.

Now, in the year 2016, having always lived in a society that values security more than liberty, Tom Fuson discovers a secret that will the change the world forever. Alongside the heroes of yesterday and their children, he will learn that the real world is never as simple as the stories. He will learn that nothing is ever truly secure and that liberty always comes with a price. He will learn that the only thing more difficult than being superhuman … is being human.

No one is safe, and anything can happen when ordinary people possess the power of gods.

If you like high-octane superheroes, thrilling science fiction or unconventional fantasy—if you like flawed characters in unforgiving worlds and stories with hard consequences—then this book is for you.

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“Fantastic characters…fun read.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Amazon Customer

Imagine one day you find out that you have bigger problems than a normal teen. That you are going to be hunted and feared. This is a whole new world where being special gets you a life sentence…if you’re lucky. Rising Son is an imaginative ride with all the pro’s & con’s of having superpowers. Fantastic characters you’d love to know, and those that nightmares are made of. I simply enjoyed this book. It was actually my very first purchase of an e-fiction (after reading the sample). I recommend this highly and look forward to the next one.

About the Author

Born in Kentucky and raised up and down the East Coast, Mitchell Archer is book addicted science junkie with an unabashed love for all things superhero.

Like many young superhero fans, Mitchell spent his childhood creating and doodling heroes of his own invention. Over the years, he used these characters for everything from school projects to role playing games. After more than two decades of playing with these creations, Mitchell figured that he had a story worth telling and wrote his first novel, Rising Son, in order to share that story with others.

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