41QixeUsAoL._SX334_BO1,204,203,200_What happens when you find yourself falling in love with the wrong man? Doggedly determined, Risky Williston strives to rescue every homeless dog in Simi Valley and beyond. Her small house and yard bursts at the seams with dogs of all breeds, some her personal pets and some waiting for her to find homes for them. Disciplined, neat and orderly, Chet Jensen desires Risky, but can he cope with her bizarre and disorganized lifestyle? Chet stirs old fears Risky has spent a lifetime repressing. She doesn’t want to confront them, to face them again. Is it possible for two people with such diverse values to have a lasting relationship?

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“This is one of my favorite books. Why”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Molly Jebber

This is one of my favorite books. Why? Because Risky is a unique character who loves and rescues dogs, has hangups about her past but finds strength in her adversities. She’s funny, caring and complex. Chet is the guy you love. The roadblocks Patty Campbell puts in this couple’s way will keep you turning the pages. You’ll root for them!

About the Author

By Patty Campbell

After experiencing a couple of world changing events I found I wanted to pursue a new direction and write books. In the past dozen years I’ve written seven contemporary romance novels–Jelly’s Big Night Out was the first to be published in 2012. Once a Marine was released in June 2013. Risky Business debuted in November 2014.

First book of my Wounded Warrior Trilogy, Heart of a Marine, is now available. I write about romantic heroes who are Wounded Warriors facing challenges. Their journey is to conquer those challenges and find lasting love.

The best part of writing romance – I get to fall in love with a new man every time I write a new story.


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