519pXrVUUkL._SX374_BO1,204,203,200_Migrating to America and 1688, Wilhelm Rittinghausen became the first Mennonite minister and just before he died, the first Mennonite Bishop in America. He also established the first paper mill in North America. Before he died he changed his name to William Rittenhouse, helped write the first protest against slavery in America and established one of the most distinguished families in America.

His progeny includes several patriots in the Revolutionary War, a world renowned astronomer, mathematician and scientist who became the first Secretary of the U.S. Mint, and who Thomas Jefferson labeled “America’s first genius”.

Also included in this blood line are famous military officers, scientists, judges, legislators, poets, writers and adventurers. It is a family line truly blessed with interesting and intriguing characters who not only witnessed the history of America being made, but also made American history.

The stories J. D. Rittenhouse tells about his family are sure to captivate and entertain anyone interested in the history of the United States has seen through the eyes of common, yet heroic people who contributed so much to this great country.

Rittenhouse: The Saga of an American Family is a thoughtful story of a family not unlike most American families, yet it is a story of an extraordinary journey through American history has seen through the eyes of one family. It is the saga of the Rittenhouse family.

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Excellent story telling by an exceptional author. Feels like you are actually there!

About the Author

After accidentally learning about a famous poet named Jesse Rittenhouse, J. D. Rittenhouse became interested in his lineage. Over time he found out that some of his ancestors were influential people in the early years of America. His ninth great-grandfather built the first paper mill in North America while his seventh great uncle, a world-renowned astronomer, surveyor and mathematician, was the first Secretary of the United States Mint. However, because of Rittenhouse’s professional responsibilities, further inquiries into his family history were put on hold until his retirement from his law practice 15 years ago. Since then, Rittenhouse, a native of Lansing, Michigan, and now a resident of San Diego California, has been researching and writing about his rich family history.

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