51U+nSpjOhL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_‘At 16,500 miles it was the world’s longest road: a road on which travellers faced being kidnapped and murdered by Colombian drug barons, buried under Peruvian avalanches, drowned by the Guatemalan rainy season, fleeced by eight-year-old Ecuadorean border touts, driven mad by blackflies in the Yukon, eaten by Alaskan grizzlies and, worst of all, limited to a glass of Chardonnay a day in California. The Pan-American Highway.

It sounded brilliant.

The next day, I went out to buy every book that I could find on it. And found that there weren’t any.

Then it’s about time I wrote one, I thought.’

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“Another great book from Geoff”

Five Star Review on Amazon By ArklowShipFan

I really liked the first book and loved this one, just started on the next Adelaide to Adelaide journey.
Geoff and Cliff are a great team, I’d love to know what Cliff did next after falling in love with a girl in South America.
Roll on the next journey…

About the Author

Geoff Hill is a critically acclaimed bestselling author and award-winning feature and travel writer based in Belfast.
In a previous life, he was Ireland’s most capped volleyball player and a much younger man.
As a motorbike columnist for the Mirror, the Metro series of newspapers, the Irish Times and Bike Social, he recently found himself one of the most widely read bike columnists in the UK and Ireland; which was surprising considering that his columns are a desperate attempt to disguise the fact that he knows bugger all about motorbikes.
He’s also the editor of Microlight Flying magazine, in spite of the fact that he knows even less about aeroplanes than he does about motorbikes.
He’s the author of nine books, including two novels and bestselling bike adventure books about epic journeys from Delhi to the UK, Chile to Alaska and around Australia.
For his latest, In Clancy’s Boots, he recreated the journey of Carl Stearns Clancy, the first person to take a motorbike around the world 100 years ago – complete with the original boots Clancy wore on that trip.
Geoff has either won or been shortlisted for a UK travel writer of the year award nine times. He’s also a former Irish, European and world travel writer of the year.
He lives in Belfast with his wife Cate, a cat, a hammock and the ghost of a flatulent Great Dane. His hobbies are volleyball, flying, motorbikes, skiing and worrying about the price of fish.

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