Charlie is a recent graduate of Washington State University’s Edward R Murrow College of Communication. Upon his successful graduation, Charlie lands a dream job working as a travel writer for the magazine publication, Road Trip Chronicles. Charlie and his Great Dane, Lola, hit the road in their Winnebago to explore the back roads of America. Get ready to follow along with Charlie and Lola on their adventures. Today is a great day for a road trip!
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About the Author

Road Trip Chronicles is a fictional story about 2 friends, a boy and his dog, and their adventures of exploring America.

Charlie has recently graduated from college and landed his dream job. He has been hired as a travel writer for the magazine Road Trip Chronicles. He embarks on an epic adventure with his Great Dane, Lola in his RV. Traveling the country, he posts pictures and stories of his encounters. Follow along with Charlie and Lola. Offer up your suggestions on places to visit, and share with them your own stories.

Road Trip Chronicles is a children’s book due out in the fall of 2016. Look for more announcements and when or where you can purchase. Happy travels and take a road trip today!

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