Robert Manis Kill Something He Loves by James Lee Nathan III

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She thought he adored, loved, and cherished her companionship. Yet he and others have left her for dead. Her captors keep her alive as a pet to ravage and humiliate for ten long years. She finally escapes, and now revenge.

“How do you hurt a man who has no visible feelings and kills without remorse? You kill something he loves.”

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About the Author

James Lee Nathan III (JLN3), is the self-published author of two novels and nine novellas, spanning many speculative fiction sub-genres. JLN3 is best known for his scifi erotic crime drama series Robert Manis and No Brakes, both of which are bestsellers on the leanpub author platform.  His latest works, MelvinaNo Brakes 2CRIME-PHYTER, and Ibrahim Unites, introduce readers to his Next Level of Fiction experience.

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