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Robert Manis, Kill Something He Loves by James Lee Nathan III

Robert Manis, Kill Something He Loves by James Lee Nathan III

Robert Manis is known throughout the world as the deadliest man alive. He becomes the Director of the NU FBI in 2109 out of duty. The same duty leads him to free those clad in “red and grey” better known as the Forgotten. This action launches two continents into the sex slave revolt and solidifies him as the “Lord Protector.” For five years, Director Manis subdues international crime lords, quells a coup from western Governors, secures the distribution of the wonder drug “Nomescula,” and all but eradicates the Carnal Cartel from the sex trades of the 22nd Century. Yet on the eve of his decision to relinquish his emergency powers, tremors of deceit and treachery are all about. “Something is not right—I can feel it—but after tomorrow, the matters of state will be someone else’s problem, not mine.” Or so he thought. An absence of power at the top is prime breeding ground for arrogant pursuers of such power. Two equally evil forces are dead set on regaining control and destabilizing the establishment in Nu America and The European Alliance. But neither of them are out to kill something he loves, and that is why he won’t see it until it’s too late.
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About the Author

James Lee Nathan III (JLN3), is the self-published author of three novels and nine novellas, spanning many speculative fiction sub-genres. JLN3 is best known for his sci-fi erotic crime drama series Robert Manis and No Brakes, both of which are best sellers on the leanpub author platform. His latest works, CRIME-PHYTER, and Ibrahim Unites introduce readers to his Next Level Fiction experience. Recently he has written a historical fiction entitled ‘Melvina The Color of Power’. An accounting of the real life of Madam Melvina Massey and her descendants. Melvina Massey was a mulatto slave, who later ran the Crystal Palace brothel in Fargo North Dakota for 20 years. She was also an infamous bootlegger.

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