roriRory Aqua Adventure Man is a toy with a dream. All he wants is a new home and someone to play with – otherwise he will end up in The Shredder. Rory’s wish comes true but, after being swept out to sea on a trip to the beach, he finds himself on an epic adventure to find his way back home! Along the way he meets many interesting characters and finds himself in stranger situations than he could have ever expected. Rory soon finds out that his happily ever after is very different from the one he’d imagined.

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About the Author

Michelle Path is an Australian children’s book writer. She grew up with a love of reading and an appreciation of books from a young age. In primary school her class were asked to write and illustrate a book, and there her dream of becoming a writer was born. A lot of inspiration for her stories come from things she is interested in or inspired by, especially a love of nature and animals.

Michelle’s aim is to write books that are fun to read but that also have an educational slant, a moral or a message. She also wants to incorporate her passion for conservation of the planet and respect for the environment and it’s creatures into her writing.

Michelle’s debut children’s book Suki and the Seedling will be released in Australia shortly.

Xalien the Purple Alien is Michelle’s first book to be published through Rowanvale Books with a second Xalien book due to for release in November. A third book, The Pirate Who Was Scared of Birds is also being published with a release date for this yet to be confirmed. Michelle is currently working on sequels to both these books as well as working on new stories.

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