Rose by Adrian Strain

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Book Description

Rose is a short sad story of a young African life. Rose is a young woman who has to face life’s challenges alone. Her family and her friends are ever present but whether it is her relationship with her mother, her grandfather, her boyfriend or her son, life’s disappointments seem to prevail. Rose describes life from school days to marriage, children and all the trials and sadnesses of village life in East Africa. Drawing on his experiences in Tanzania, the writer has opened a small window to life below the poverty line.
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“A snapshot of Africa”

Five Star Review on Amazon by John Doe

This sad story from Tanzania is a thoughtful account of a young woman’s life. From her last year in school, her first boyfriend, pregnancy and marriage, the book describes her life with much tenderness. It could have been called Innocent as the book is as much about him as it is about Rose. As a small window into life in sub Saharan Africa the book can be commended.

About the Author

Adrian Strain was born in Blackpool, England in 1958. He grew up in a large family, one of eight children and qualified as a schoolteacher. He is married to Caroline and they have five children and two grandchildren. They live for most of the year at their home in Leeds, northern England. Adrian and Caroline worked for three years in Mtwara, Tanzania and Adrian return there at least once a year to teach and support the work of his local charity, Mtwaralinks.

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