Rose O’scarlett and the Vengeance of Cannonflash Jones

This story is full of fun characters, rich environments, and romantic piracy on the high seas. "Rose O'scarlett" has the muscle to push around the average man and the curves to manipulate the others.
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I give this book 5 stars for the attraction it has. The storyline always has you coming back for more. It was so hard to put down! If their is even a question in your mind if you should read this or not, you would be foolish not to! From the romance to the fierce battles at sea, there is never a dull moment in the adventure that ensues. The book will pull every emotion out of you and make you feel like you too could sail aboard the mighty Black Dragon!

-- Todd Glime
Book Description:

A pirate’s life is not for everyone. For some, such a life appeals to them, while others appeal to that life. So it would be with a lovely woman named Rose O’scarlett. On the run for more than three years, Rose has learned to live by her wits as she eludes the guns of the British Navy. Relentlessly pursued by British Governor Berkley, she flees in her battered ship, the Scarlet Dragon from port to port between raids of merchant shipping. Finally, and with the help of her good friend Captain Bugs Nailhall, she ends up in Port Royal and right under the Governor’s nose, her ship crippled and her crew on the brink of mutiny. Desperate to elude capture and the gallows, she has a chance run-in with the biggest and most feared marauder of the new world: Captain Cannonflash Jones! While the pirate captain she is knows to steer clear of Jones, the woman within her defies better judgment and pursues this massive man in hopes of arranging an accord with him and using him and his massive ship, the Black Dragon to elude capture by the British. She knows nothing of this man, but womanly need is overwhelming. Alas, not all is as it appears. Captain Jones is a pirate, after all, and the reward that hovers over Rose is huge and tempting. But other forces are at work, forces she has no control over and her daily struggle to survive and elude capture plunges her neck deep in affairs she had never thought she would become a part of, and even as she struggles just to survive it all, she finds her heart captured by a man who could ultimately sell her to Governor Berkley and be the end of her life as a pirate forever.
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J.R. Knoll (Author)
Hey there! Thanks for visiting my page! Okay, you don’t really want to know about me, and if you do then I can be found on Facebook (Rich Knoll) or you can email me at The artwork you see, including the page image, is the talent of Sandi Johnson, who has done all five titles for the Chronicles of Brawrloxoss and we’re looking ahead to the upcoming sixth and seventh titles. Rose O’scarlett was rendered by imaging genius Jeff Fairbourn. The Chronicles of Brawrloxoss is just getting started so hang on and enjoy the ride! ROSE O’SCARLETT AND THE VENGEANCE OF CANNONFLASH JONES was written as a gift for my wife’s birthday, and some think it’s my finest work. I hope you will enjoy reading about Rose O’scarlett as well.
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