Royal Entanglements

by – Sheila Fowler (Author)

Princess Leanna travels to Hawaii to get away from her Royal duties. 

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Book Description:

Princess Leanna travels to Hawaii to get away from her Royal duties. Like getting married to a prince she doesn’t love. Hawaii is a place she can lay back and enjoy the tropical island in peace.

Bodyguard Ledger Hill starts his new job as the protector of the princess. When he sees her in person, he can’t believe how beautiful she is. But, she is totally off-limits. He works for the family, after all.

Leanna has a crush on her bodyguard and hopes he will help her do a few things she has never done before. Karaoke, surfing and kissing. Ledger will do everything except kiss her. Or will he?

While taking her surfing, someone kidnaps Leanna. What can he do to get her back? Especially when he finds out how much he has fallen for her.

A story of lost loves, grief, and how they can pick themselves up again.

About the Author:

Sheila Fowler is a lover of TV and anything Dachshund!

She just started writing romance and mysteries over the past year, while still working at her dream job in TV.

Sheila has been married to her husband George for the past 21 years.

They live in Palm Beach County, FL with their Dachshund, Hoagie.

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