Rudy the rougarou is a book about a young boy living in the Manchac swamp of Louisiana. Rudy is different from other young boys because he is a rougarou. Rudy’s character is based upon an old Louisiana Cajun legend of the rougarou, Cajun for werewolf.
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My kids give it two thumbs up.”

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Kids loved this book, had it about a week now and I’ve had to read it every night at bed time. Excited to see where Rudy and marshmallow venture to next!

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“Rudy the Rougarou is the perfect mix of southern folklore, interesting illustrations and age appropriate lessons. This book has a relatable and whimsical main character and a side kick that is sure to steal the hearts of young readers. I look forward to more Rudy the Rougarou adventures in the near future!” – Erin Rovin, author of the ‘Little Laveau’ series.

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