51BpVxJfApL._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_The Ruffians are a legendary canine neighborhood watch group. They patrol the streets at night and keep the neighborhood safe from unsavory characters. There’s something fishy going on by the duck pond in the park. The squirrels are eating all their nuts plus all the nuts stored up for the winter’s supply. Mystified by this discovery, The Ruffians realize that unless they can solve this unusual development by the time winter arrives, there won’t be any squirrels left at the park with nuts.
The Ruffians investigation into the matter is stymied by the unexpected invasion of Russian terrorists in the neighborhood. Forced into an uneasy alliance with their arch-nemesis, The Godfather, and his career criminal counterparts, The Fang Mafia, Butch, Jim, Dandy, Empty, and Mixer are in for the battle of their lives.
Betrayal and deceit abound as a sinister force plots the complete and total destruction of the very existence of The Ruffians. The Ruffians are drawn into a final and epic confrontation that will forever shape the animal kingdom.
However, there’s Butch. Don’t ever forget about Butch. That would be nuts!

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“Truly enjoyable”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Kindle Customer

A laugh–a-minute tale of mystery, suspense and friendship. The relationships derived from true camaraderie,despite the characters being canine, are endearing and may even teach some lessons. Truly enjoyable can’t it put it down reading.

About the Author

Rick Johnson currently lives in Mississippi, but he has strong ties to Texas. He brings his unique own sense of humor to his writings. He is an avid animal enthusiast and enjoys taking road trips and spending time outdoors with his constant and faithful companion-The Dog.

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