51i4u3zrDNL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Travis Meachem, a disillusioned middle-aged man, flies to Daytona to visit his dying father, Reno Pete. On his deathbed, Reno confesses his darkest secrets then commits suicide, leaving his son absolute proof of his part in the JFK assassination, along with instructions on how Travis can profit from it. Following his father’s cryptic advice, Travis heads to his uncle’s house in the Marais Des Cygne Wildlife Refuge, where they hatch a plot to ruin the days of those who destroyed their family. It’s an endeavor that will shake up the power corridors from New Orleans to Washington DC, and beyond. Along the way, Travis attracts some unlikely allies, among them a stunning creole girl, a streetwise rasta character, and a Dallas, Texas, police detective. But some allies are not what they appear to be, and Travis’s enemies aren’t the only ones in danger of having their days ruined for good. Is revenge hollow? It depends on who’s seeking it. And why.

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About the Author

Guinotte Wise has been a creative director in advertising most of his working life. In his youth he put forth effort as a bullrider, ironworker, laborer, funeral home pickup person, bartender, truckdriver, postal worker, ice house worker, paving field engineer. A staid museum director called him raffish, which he enthusiastically embraced. (the observation, not the director) Of course, he took up writing fiction.

GW welds and writes on a farm in Resume Speed, KS. He welded a collection of short stories, Night Train, Cold Beer, that won the T.Palmer Hall award and publication. He fixed the soffits with the money. (Pecan Grove Press, available on Amazon). His novel Ruined Days (Black Opal Books) was published in Dec. 2015, and a second book of short stories, Resume Speed (Black Opal Books) is coming in 2016.

His work has been allowed into numerous literary reviews and anthologies Including Atticus, Thrice Fiction, The MacGuffin and Best New Writing Anthology 2015. His wife has an honest job in the city and drives 100 miles a day to keep it. Some work can be seen at http://www.wisesculpture.com/blog/ and https://www.facebook.com/RenoPeteStCyr?fref

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