Rum Cake, Reporters & Revenge by Shaunna Rodriguez

Mob Bosses and pizza pies are not the only ‘Chicago style’ treats being dished up in this lazy little ocean town.

FBI agent, Ian Reynolds, has been called in to sift through the facts related to the latest triple homicide. The murderer is still on the loose and seems to be as slippery as Escargot in butter sauce, but with a little patience and super sleuth skills, Ian is one step closer to unveiling the Puppeteer.

Re-elections for town officials are getting closer and figurehead politicians are giving out handshakes, Rum-cakes, and divorce papers. The Real Wives of Depoe Bay are slinging mud and biting nails as they go from promising futures to scorned revengers.

Just when things couldn’t get any more scrambled, reporters fill up the town’s streets and they are digging up dirt on anyone with a name.

Will the Cream of the Crop continue to disappear, or will the FBI ‘Turnover’ the killer to the proper authorities?
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Paula G

Oh my!!! I love this series. It sucks you right in. Each book gets better and better. Such sweet mystery and murder.

About the Author

Best Selling Author of The Sweet Seduction Series. Everything is Upside-Down-Pineapple Cake insane, but who’s poisoning who?

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