Rumors by Reynaldo Reyes

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Book Description:

When a flaming poltergeist steps through a portal in the teenage Reynaldo Reyes’s kitchen door at his home in Brooklyn, N.Y. and in Tampa, Florida, it’s just the first of a series of frightening encounters with evil spirits and unexplained deaths, including that of the well-known rapper Jam Master Jay whose real name is Jason Mizell of the rap group Run DMC. This is the bizarre true story of a life-long struggle with the supernatural. Website:
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About the Author

Phone: 1-347-562-4831

Email: Reynaldo Reyes

Height: 5’9″ Eye color: Brown
Weight: 198 1bs Hair color: Black

Acting Experience

Church community plays and high school plays name of play
“Street trials of God”

Film: Portal to Hell


High School, certificate of best writer and artist.


Willing to be trained for all acting roles for beginners.

Special Skills

I am an author, professional artist, sculpturing, sketching, airbrushing.
I love to work out, mountain climbing, swimming, snow skiing, martial arts,
boxing, the art of healing by the power of prayer, yoga, ballroom dancing,
ice skating, photography, sailing, computer programming, art graphics,
producer in docudrama horror films, screenwriter, typing, drummer, driving,
supernatural ghost short stories or articles.

Additional Experience

Professional hand painting huge Portraits, Published Books, and Writers
Guild of America Screenplays, Library of Congress Copyrights Office.



Reynaldo Reyes/Writer, Artist, Actor & Independent Filmmaker
140 17th Street Apt # 19
Brooklyn NY 11215
Phone: 1-347-562-4831

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