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For Charlie Reinette, it was a typical Friday night out with her work mates. Or so she thought… Instead, she found herself in the midst of a domestic dispute, rescuing a woman she hardly knows and setting off a deadly chain of events.

Harbouring the rescued woman finds them having to run from murder and the infernos raging behind them.

Not quite the woman her friends think she is, Charlie has to face her past, her future, and everything in between as she fights for her life and the life of the woman she saved.

Can the two women, Charlie’s group of eclectic friends, and the police catch the man terrorising them across Europe?
How will they stay ahead of his game?
One thing’s for certain…they need to RUN

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Great Debut!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Golfgroupie

I found it very difficult to put this book down. It has great characters and the most compelling story. The male protagonist has a truly evil streak, but the story is driven by his anger and vengeance. Amazing work.
Well done, Ms Adams-Wright.

About the Author

Patricia Adams-Wright was born in Halifax, a town of West Yorkshire, in the north of England. After qualifying as a Home Economics teacher in Liverpool, she moved back to her home town where after a variety of teaching jobs and a bad accident which claimed most of her mobility, she finally began working for Her Majesty’s Inland Revenue. Patricia has held a disabled status for many years, but running her own paranormal group help to while away the sleepless nights, but eventually had to retire, again due to mobility issues. Her ambitions had always included writing a book and at the age of fifty-eight, she began her first novel, Run. She now lives quietly on the edge of the countryside with her partner of forty-two years, Denise, her sister, Julie, furbabies Tilly and Willow and cockatiel, Scotty-Pop.
Pat’ second novel, Reluctance was published in November, 2015.

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