15YC7IpD_400x400During a national emergency, a liberal Marxist-leaning political leadership takes absolute control of the United States. Martial law is declared and elections are suspended. This leadership morphs into a complete Communist-style government. All dissent is brutally repulsed.
Two young university students, Peter Blake and Natalie Biriukova, become active leaders in the resistance movement. They soon fall in love. In time they are targeted by the government and forced to go on the run. A feared and notorious Compliance Officer, Nicholas Snoopczech, is hot on their trail. He is hated and feared by Americans, especially those who are brave enough to oppose big government.
The underground resistance network sets in motion a plan to move Peter and Natalie across several states to a mysterious sanctuary where they are to meet—“The Phantom.” The Phantom occupies a beautiful “haunted” southern style mansion located in the hills of southeast Kansas. Contradictory to this plan, the people they encounter on their journey warn them to avoid “The Phantom.” The mystery that surrounds them is “What is ‘The Phantom,’ and can it really be trusted?” As Peter and Natalie resist the government and run for safety, will the whippoorwill keep them safe?

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“Action packed with great twists and turns.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Devon Paterson

I loved this book! Action packed with great twists and turns. This is definitely a page turner, complete with believable character development, the requisite plot twists, and, of course, a satisfying surprise ending. I would recommend this book to people above the age of sixteen. The reason I picked this age is because the story has a lot of layers and has deep meanings below the surface. You couldn’t appreciate this fully if your age was not appropriate. I would give this book five stars because it never had a slow moment, and was intriguing from start to finish. This is one of the finest books I have ever read, and I hope you feel the same.

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