As the wife of a professional baseball player, Alisha Perkins has long struggled to find an identity of her own–a struggle made worse by an anxiety disorder that has plagued her since childhood. One afternoon during spring training, Alisha, eager for a few minutes to herself, decides to take a short run around the neighborhood. What she discovers is her first taste of the elusive runner’s high, a release of her pent-up anxiety, and a chance to find her voice.

As Alisha progresses from shorter distances to full marathons–eventually organizing charity races of her own–she is able to let go of the nagging sense that she is ”competent but not complete,” even as the demands of training compete with those of family and baseball.

A memoir that will resonate with anyone who has struggled with self-doubt, Running Home is a poignant meditation on the steps that hold us back, and those that push us forward.
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Humor, truth, life”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Emily Mahr

There’s something remarkable about running, it’s the life that you discover between each mile. That’s why I feel this book is for everyone, not just people that run or those with ties to anxiety, but EVERYONE.
Running is an ‘out,’ it’s a way for one to breathe, find space, escape, find them self, conquer, and yet be a better version of themselves after they finally shower. I was fortunate to find running for a similar reason as Alisha, and book is everything one needs to read, whether or not you run.
Alisha is able to put words to the way many people feel, struggles no one truly knows they’re not the only one dealing with, and has the wit to do so in an honest way to make it a enjoyable.
It’s a beautiful work of words, birthed on the open road, in a place where so many will benefit.
The life that happens between each mile is the way this book is written. Yes, there’s running being talked about, but that’s just the “how” she gets through the life she is having along the way.
If you’re a runner, as I am, you’ll understand references in ways others will not. You need this book.
If you’re not a runner, you probably don’t want to know the “inside jokes.” Go for a run after you read this book.
If you’re in love with learning more about yourself, get this book.
If you love humor, get this book.
If you admire bravery in a world where speaking out is finally becoming cheered for, get this book.
If you like an author to tell an honest story, get this book.
If you like baseball, go to a baseball game and buy your significant other this book. Once they’re done, read this book.

Alisha, thank you for writing this book.

About the Author

My name is Alisha Perkins. I am mom to two girls, wife to Glen Perkins (3 time All-Star Minnesota Twins closer) and owner to our dog, Harry Potter. I am a born and raised Minnesotan. I love running because it is real and relatively simple but it ain’t easy. I hate olives and rude people.

I live a very simple life in a crazy world. My husband’s profession complicates and excites our normalcy. We interrupt this family to bring you the baseball season.

I started blogging in 2012 after I discovered running and found my voice. It is hard to be ordinary when your husband is extraordinary and for a while I lived in his shadow. One day I stepped out of it, or rather I ran out and with each step my voice got stronger and I wanted to share it so I began

My blog is mainly about running, my battle with anxiety, and exercise goodies in general but also about our life. Both my kiddos have gluten allergies and I was plagued with a dairy allergy and so that sneaks into a lot of the blog as well. I try not to take myself too seriously but I also want to be taken seriously. I am complicated, contradictory, illogical, and ironic, but at the end of the day I am just me. I try to be honest and authentic but I am also a wimp who doesn’t want to offend. I walk the line.

I currently sit on three boards and am thrilled to be a small part of making a big difference for the Minnesota Twins Community Fund, Girls of the Run Twin Cities, and Prairie Care Child and Family Fund.

I am also a freelance writer in my oh so ample free time.
My writing has graced Women’s Running, Huffington Post, Like the Wind Magazine, Fitness Most Magazine, Scary Mommy, Another Mother Runner, The Red Current, Minneapolis Running, Star Tribune, Girls with Sole, and Minnesota Twins Magazine.

I published my first book “Running Home” May 2016.

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