516JjNy2uFL._SY346_Katherine believed that she was satisfied living her carefully constructed, ordinary family life with her successful husband and sweet four-year-old daughter. However, old longings are reawakened when a mysterious figure from her turbulent past reappears and turns her world upside down, making her question whether her safe and predictable life is really so perfect, after all.

Her former lover, Andre Ivashov, a distant and intense Russian billionaire, has come to warn her that her life is in danger. Andre has been framed for a murder that occurred on a night they were together years ago, and now she is his only alibi.

Their former love affair is brought into the spotlight as Katherine fights to clear his name and save her family from the target that is now on their backs. The stakes are high as the authorities battle against the Russian mafia for Katherine’s testimony and to bring the real criminals to justice.

However, the drama isn’t only in the courtroom. In their safe house in the heart of Paris, Katherine must resist the temptation of falling into her former lover’s arms, even as the cracks in her marriage begin to show and the family is drawn deeper into an international murder conspiracy.

A murder. A safe house. A love triangle.

Katherine’s marriage, family and very life is in danger.

Will Andre be able to keep her safe?

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“Looking forward to the next one already!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Steven

A must-read if you like a story line full of intrigue and mystery – recommend it wholeheartedly! Looking forward to the next installment already.

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