Ruthless Kingpin

by Carina Blake (Author)

Green-eyed witness, a kingpin's desire – Bratva's dangerous liaison begins.

Book Description:​

Can a cold, dark heart thaw?

She stumbled into my life, quite by accident, witnessing something she shouldn’t have. Normally, that would find her a one-way ticket to meet her maker. But one look into her frightened green eyes and I had a change of heart. I was as cold-hearted as they came and still, there would be no way I’d let her go. She’d have to be useful. If she wanted to live, she could serve a different purpose…
It just so happens; I needed a mistress.

About the Author

Carina Blake (Author)

Carina Blake is the dark romance pen name of author C.M. Steele.

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Wow! What an amazing short story! I really enjoyed this, and the spice was on point! Loved Drago and how possessive he was. First book I've read by Carina and it won't be my last! Brilliant!