SAFE by B J Brandon

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51iHREzLGUL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Melissa McKinney is back in her old stomping grounds with ghosts of the past haunting her, a killer on the loose, and a group of kids to protect. She’s given her word that she will protect them from the monsters. But who is going to protect Melissa?

Ty is drawn to the strong woman who has fought her way up the DEA ladder to be considered the best of the best. Few women have ever made it this far and he can’t keep his hands off of her. Too bad they have a past, and the present is trying to tear them apart once more.

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About the Author

B J Brandon been writing since high school but has only recently published any of her stories. Born in the Texas Panhandle and raised in an old-fashioned home with her two sisters and younger brother, she was always the inquisitive rebel, the only one to leave the family nest to explore other cultures of places like Chicago, Phoenix, the White Mountains, and the New Mexico desert. In college, she took the advice of those pushing her to do the “smart” thing and completed a business degree. Throughout she always listened to the inner muse calling in her dreams, taking creative writing classes, listening and participating in discussions for the underdog, and the belief that everyone deserved a Happily Ever After. Her professional career has allowed her to support our military and law enforcement in ways that make a difference while gaining a unique perspective into the world of how men and women think and act in times of stress. Through her writing she tries to show a great deal of respect for them every chance she gets. Her dream is to eventually travel more and find her own Happily Ever After.