Safe Place by Shani Greene-Dowdell

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“I don’t want anyone to know right away,” I whispered between kisses.
“Your secret is safe with me,” he said, and I dropped the book from my hand as I snaked my fingers around his neck and deepened the kiss.
It was time to just take that leap, no matter what dangerous curves were ahead.

Tameka Oliver has one job: dance with the best man at her sister’s reception. Except, when they begin to sway to the music, something she’s not trying to feel again washes over her. It’s a heated connection that sends her running out of the reception hall…and far away from Jeb Holloway.

Jeb has her right where we wants her, safe in his arms. Then, she runs out on him, leaving him feeling empty mid-dance. A few months ago, he wouldn’t have even acted on his impulse to desire a woman like Tameka. Now that he’s left every bias behind, it’s going to take some convincing to get Tameka to believe her heart is safe with him.
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Five Star Review on Amazon by Linnetta Solomon

I love the story of Jeb and Tameka. I think Tameka could have been a little more mature about things in the beginning as she was in the end. But being that she was with Rodney at an young age, it was understandable that she would deal with somethings as someone young. Rodney needed his behind beat. A part 3 is definitely needed, to show how Rodney dealt with them getting married in between his memory loss. A good twist will be if he believed that him and Tameka was still married, but her and Jeb has gotten married and she is pregnant. How would Tameka and Jeb deal with it.
Just a few thoughts to consider.
Really enjoyed it. MUCH LOVE !!!

About the Author

Shani Greene-Dowdell is a wife, mother of three, grandmother to two awesome tots, and has worked 18 years as a medical transcriptionist. Shani enjoys weaving words of romantic fiction and suspense and has written her way into a new reality as a full-time writer. It all started with a Black Expressions subscription back in 2004. Shani burst open the first shipment like it was Christmas Eve and soaked in the soulful and riveting stories of Kimberla Lawson, Eric Jerome Dickey, Carl Weber, Zane, Darrien Lee, and too many other greats to name. Inside of great storylines is where her zest for storytelling was born. She completed her first book, Keepin’ It Tight, and self published it in 2007. To date, Shani has 20 books to her credit in Interracial Romance, Erotica, and Urban genres.

You can find Shani Greene-Dowdell online @ or email her anytime to chatbooks at

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