indexAfter surviving the unbridled power of the mysterious and deadly Black Hole, humanity now focusses on establishing a new home on a planet named after the heroic crew of the starship Sanación. However, for this crew, colonizing a new planet would prove to be easier said than done. With the civilian uprisings and bloodshed now in the past, mission leader, Colonel Steve Jensen, hopes that Sanación will allow mankind to finally focus on the greatest of all human emotions-love. But, the planet Sanación holds mysteries of its own. A small scientific outpost with a contingency of both soldiers and scientists is soon set up to investigate the planet and identify the landscape for any useful resources. Long thought to be uninhabited, the crew is shocked when they encounter a unique set of footprints, uncovering evidence of earth-shattering proportions…proof of alien life. For several crewmembers, uncovering another life-form is a scientific find of enormous significance-for others, though, fear of the unknown reveals a distrust that may not be so easily dealt with. Now, Colonel Jensen and his romantic interest, Lenora, along with the scientific crew and the fearfully distrusting Civilian Leader, must seek out and identify the maker of the prints. What they discover, though, may be more than any of them can bear. Their collaboration has brought about the discovery of a creature, and they are fascinated by its apparent intelligence. Jensen makes an attempt to communicate with the captive and is met with an encouraging response. But it appears the scientists have something else in mind…terminate the creature and perform an autopsy to identify its strengths and weaknesses. As Colonel Jensen rushes to save the alien’s life, a civilian dies. Now blamed with the murder of a crew member, Jensen must escape the confines of the outpost and seek answers where he would least expect to find them…from the alien source itself.

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” Awesome & Amazing!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By M A R S

Absolutely fabulous! Brilliant. Ms. Davie out did herself on this one. Can’t wait for the next book! It’s killing me to have to wait!

About the Author

Mary Louise Davie brings to her writing and presentations her quick wit and humour – making the subject matter – be it a science fiction adventure out in deep space with the characters facing black hole V4641 Sgr or a NASA presentation with NASA taking on the Galaxy, quite literally. It is a part of her view on life – laugh a little no matter what and then marvel at the beauty of the sky, the planets and dream of what it would be like to be there.
Ms Davie suffered several strokes which left her on Disability for a time. Unable to walk and after re-teaching herself much, rather than go stir crazy, she wrote and wrote. The first of the three books came out of that time.

Having been a Chemist and later an IT person, but always having written, Mary Louise now is an author and presenter full-time.
Her mother, Mary Elizabeth Davie, was a model & actress and later when she moved to Scotch Plains, NJ and was an English Teacher at the Scotch Plains-Fan wood High School. Mary Louise’s father, Robert “Hutch” Davie, appears in a separate entry – his area of expertise is in the music industry – having had fame in the ’50 & ’60s as a writer, conductor, arranger and Director of A & R.

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