517Djhbzx3L._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_Naivety, sexual antics, evil domination, love, laughter, and disaster – it’s all there.

Ben Coverdale has lived happily with Mary Willson for the past five years but on the fifth anniversary of their moving in together, Mary announces that she is leaving him to move in with Donald, a man many years her senior.

Distraught, Ben now seizes the opportunity to fulfil a dream that he has had for many years, and moves to France to start a new life there.

A short while later, he receives a garbled message from an old flame, and he knows that his expectations of peace and tranquility are about to end as a series of strange and unexpected events descend upon his life.

Share a glimpse of life in France and meet some endearing characters who will stay with you long after you have finished the book.

“The author’s love of France and all things French shows through his writing. The variety of characters from Ben’s naivety, Katie’s sexual antics, and Donald’s evil domination of Mary produces a recipe of love, laughter and disaster. One reviewer said: I found myself laughing or saying ‘Oh no’ out loud. There are surprises, twists and turns all the way through the book.” – Reader Review

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“A perfect blend!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Eishinas

‘Sanctuary’ by Mr Glyn Smith is the most interesting and perfect book a reader can come across! The book was a’ masala mix’, full of romance, thrill,action, mystery, suspense and knowledge with a very different and a new story line.
The book revolves around a very attractive character ‘Ben’ who is having a perfect living relation with his girlfriend ‘Mary’ until one fine day on their fifth year of relation Mary turns Ben’s world upside down by telling him about her affair with another guy ‘Donald’ who she finds has same future plans alike herself. Ben leaves Mary with her decision and decides to settle in France which is his dream place, where he also dreamt of fulfilling it by buying a property (a house of his own) in a peaceful village.
While Ben is still recovering from his painful heart broken affair he is further dragged into a new happening of his co-worker Katie (who always had eyes for Ben) who gives him news about her wedding with Dave Atkinson.
There is lots to come in Ben’s life with two women Mary and Katie that readers will find very thrilling and interesting.
The story flows very smoothly like water , touching all the very little descriptive and captivating details of the new lives of the characters in the Novel.
Author Glyn Smith is a very knowledgeable writer who has woven a prefect blend of action, romance ,thrill and property buying information of France.
“Sanctuary” is sure to keep its reader engaged till the very last page and still wanting for more.I found this very interesting and had a very soft corner for the main character ‘Ben’.I would love to recommend this book to all and esp. to all those who want a perfect interesting and young companion, when all-alone.It is simply an enjoyable read for all age groups .A MUST READ..!!!!!!

About the Author

Born in Yorkshire, educated in London, Glyn now lives near the Jurrasic Coast in the South West of England with his wife, son and a neurotic border collie.

He has been writing for some five years. ‘Sanctuary’ was his debut novel which shot to #20 in UK Kindle Sales within days of being published. He has now completed the Ben Coverdale Trilogy – ‘Sanctuary’, ‘Repercussions’ and most recently ‘The Reckoning. The books are a blend of mystery, suspense and romance with endearing characters and intriguing story lines.

Glyn says: “When, during a period of depression, it was suggested by a friend that I should write a book, I didn’t think the idea was a very good one. After all, I had been in finance for most of my working life. How could I now become a writer? But I had a go, and found that I loved writing, discovered some lovable characters, and between us ‘Sanctuary’ took shape and my depression almost disappeared. If you enjoy reading my books half as much as I enjoyed writing them, then I will be very happy.”

The combination of his love of all things French and his equal love of the English language have produced interesting glimpses of life in France within the pages of his books.

His vices, if that is the right expression, are of dark chocolate, fine red wines and spicy food.

“I love the sun, hate the rain; love summer, hate the winter,” he says.

Reviews of his writing reflect the fact that his readers find themselves drawn into his books, engage easily with his characters and find the story lines intriguing.

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