51cGu+CEIKL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_“There is a conflict in every life called Love
a conflict as old as Eden itself…………….
a contest between right and wrong
within this battle of Love, every human being has a part
Eden is about to find hers………………….

Amazon review 5 stars; To generate that level of emotion in a reader in respect of a fictional character is a brilliant achievement on the part of the author

Amazon review 5 stars; An entertaining read which I highly recommend if you want a charming romance that is a little bit different

Eden Buckley is a gutsy, capricious and brogue speaking Harlan county school teacher with a temper as stubborn as a superpower but an honest heart of gold. Just divorced from her ex- teenage sweetheart and coming to terms with being a single parent, raising her partially invalid son Jamie.
Until today, she’d only had to wage a battle against her alcoholic and abusive husband Kyle.

Now, she has a bigger focus for all of her caustic and vicarious energies……

Fighting for the rights of the local community of young and elderly Harlan folk to stop the machiavellian and insidious Tennessee construction company boss Langdon Stanley Dainty or Mr Acid from wreaking total havoc and demolishing their houses to build a link road to the 1-75 highway. That’s been promised by the government for over twenty years.
In the fight to save the houses, Eden’s fastidious path accidentally crosses with World ecologist and widower, James Ustinov from England. A driven man, who believes he has to reach his goal sooner than later, before it’s too late.
What Eden and James believe to be the good and right, brings them together as one.

Alone they are just one voice. Together they are Saving Eden.

Ward Thomas appear courtesy of themselves (Catherine & Lizzy) and Ward Thomas Music.
Harlan campground, cabins & kayaking appear courtesy of CEO Mr Stephen Foster.

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” Environmentally educational modern family romance that you will thoroughly enjoy.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By IAIN KENNEDY

Humorous and environmentally educational modern family romance that you will thoroughly enjoy.

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Stephanie Harte is a writer/author living and working in Thurso in the beautiful highlands of Scotland.

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