Saving Tomorrow

There is more than one flood story.
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If you want a good historical adventure story, then Saving Tomorrow is sure to keep you reading. It is the story of Air, his wolf companion and his friends. The story is set on the continent of Pangaea (the Garden of Eden and The Flood). Air is a boy who is different and this causes trouble in his tribe. He is joined by friends who stood up for him. The characters in the book are very well defined and relatable. In their journey throughout Pangaea, they meet many different groups. These meetings are important both for Air and his friends as much as for those they encounter. The artwork on the cover is very bold and will draw the readers interest. There is also an added bonus on the back of the paperback which is a 3-D picture sure to give some readers a scare. This book will thrill younger, but it was written with young adults (13 and older) in mind. As an adult I loved this book. This book should be a valuable addition to your child’s collection. It is filled with adventures and interesting characters, both human and animal. I give this 5 stars out of 5.

-- SteveDali69
Book Description:

There is more than one flood story. Now we know that man is more than six-thousand years old, that means that people were on all continents. If God created man on the sixth day, then man is almost as old as dinosaurs. If that is proven, and it most likely will be, then entertain yourselves with more than one flood story. and one that is logical.

Remmy Meggs (Author)
Remmy Meggs has written YA action-adventure novels and is working on others. He spends his time writing, playing a few online games with friends and movies he can get, and listens to music. Remmy sleeps about twelve hours on and off each day. We hope you enjoy his work as much as we do. ~Remmy’s friends and fans
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