The “Thorn Birds of Detroit” series features inner-city folks fighting an uphill battle against the Mafia. As a work of historical fiction, SAX CLUB portrays the efforts of men and women from 1977 to 1979 in Detroit working against all odds to take back their neighborhoods. It depicts residents unwilling to be slaves to the mob bosses; local entrepreneurs wanting to build their own businesses; and other individuals compelled to push beyond the limits.

A group of friends meet monthly for a night of poker on the second floor of the infamous Sax Club on Six Mile/McNichols Road. Detective Clark Phillips and his two lifelong buddies meet with a former school principal from Detroit Holy Redeemer. They share congenial interests with a young black man from South Carolina and gypsy gigolo from Seattle.
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“Fast-paced Plot and Great Characters”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Gary and Darlene Stockman

This book was a really fun read for me (Darlene), especially because I was born in Detroit and worked for several years in the City as a young adult. Books with real-life locations and situations really bring the characters to life. Regardless of where you are from, you will enjoy the plot and interesting characters. The author went to great pains to give them depth and believability. It is a fast read because you can’t help but keep turning the pages to see just what will happen next. And since this is part of a trilogy, you won’t be able to guess how it will end!

About the Author

Les Cochran served as a public educator for thirty-eight years, starting as a high school teacher in Detroit. After earning a doctorate he served in leadership positions at Central Michigan University, Southeast Missouri State University and as President of Youngstown State University.

His writing is inspired by life experiences at these universities and the insights gained while chairing more than twenty institutional accreditation and NCAA evaluation teams. At each university he evaluated administrative procedures, academic operations and the behind-the-scenes inter-workings.

Les is retired in Southwest Florida with his wife Lin, and is writing “Costly Affair” the second in a planned trilogy. For more information, visit

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