‘Scabs: Picking Apart The Facts’ by Dan. D. Butler

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Book Description:

ccSCABS: Disgusting, Fun and ‘Bloody Amazing’ Educational New Book Urges Children to NEVER Pick their Scabs!

I’m sure that you’ll have had ’em.
I’m sure you’ll get some more.
They come from cuts and grazes.
And often look quite sore.
It’s really fun to pick ’em.
And peel the crusty flap.
Then watch our bodies leak as
we unplug its gooey gap.

Some are quite impressive.
While some could cause a fright.
For some it would be best if
they were hidden out of sight.
They’re more than just disgusting.
In fact they’re rather fab.
So today I’d like to pick apart
the facts behind the scab.


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