As honest an account of piracy in the 17th century as I could make it so the violence is sometimes extreme and cruel.
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Just like with the Dorset Boy Series there are no dead spots in the story. Very well written. If you don't pay attention to what you are reading you will miss some of the subtleties. Scarlett is a great character and doesn't take any nonsense from anyone. The Spanish Officers and some of her men in the book will attest to that. Can't wait for the next book to see what Scarlett gets into as well as the next book in the Dorset Boy Series.

-- John P. McDonald
Book Description:

It’s 1660 and the Golden Age of Piracy. Scarlett Browning, daughter of Smoker, a smuggling godfather, takes on the Caribbean in the stolen French Country ship she has renamed The Fox. Loyal to her men, an implacable enemy to the Spanish she is a ruthless, merciless Pirate Queen in the image of Anne Bonny, Ching Shih, Mary Read and Anne Dieu-le-Veut. Friends with Henry Morgan and Sir Christopher Mings, she sets out to gain a reputation as fierce as Morgan. A swashbuckling adventure of the high seas; betrayal, revenge, Mayan gold and Spanish treasure. As honest an account of piracy in the 17th century as I could make it so the violence is sometimes extreme and cruel.

Christopher C Tubbs (Author)
Christopher C Tubbs, is a dog loving, descendent of a long line of Dorset clay miners who has traced his family tree back to the 16th century in the Isle of Purbeck. He left school at 16 to take an apprenticeship in Avionics and has been a public speaker for most of his career and was one of the founders of a successful games company back in the 1990’s. Now in his sixties he finally got around to writing the stories he had going around in his head for many years. Thanks to inspiration from the great sea and fantasy authors he was finally able to put digit to keyboard and start writing the Dorset Boy series. He make no apologies that he write for himself. The stories emerge as he writes and is often surprised by the twists and turns that they take. His dogs sit by him as he writes and it would be unfair to leave them out so look out for them in The Dorset Boy series
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