Scattered Stones by Diane Lynn McGyver

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Book Description:

51kPcuZn9vL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Traditional Fantasy in the same vein as Terry Brooks

Imprisoned for Five Years: “She was loneliest at night when the day wound down and there was nothing left to do to take her mind off home and the ones she loved. We shared a cell almost from the start, and many nights I woke to find her crying. For some reason she felt at ease with me, as if I reminded her of a friend or family member.” She glanced at Tam, then lowered her eyes. “Each time I went to her, only one word came from her mouth: das.” She looked at Bronwyn. “She loves you dearly. She missed you most.”

“Scattered Stones” is an enchanting epic fantasy novel, a mesmerizing, breathtaking treat for the imagination.

Bronwyn Darrow is desperate to rescue his daughter Isla from Blackvale Castle. For five long years, he’s travelled Ath-o’Lea searching for her, but the formidable castle remains elusive. He’s surrendered his coveted sergeant’s position at Aruam Castle, but he’s willing to sacrifice everything—even his honour—to bring Isla home. If he fails, his innocent little girl will face a lifetime of slavery.

When Bronwyn breaks into Tigh Na Mare Castle, he encounters two siblings who vow to help him on his quest to save his daughter. They prove to be more loyal to Bronwyn and Aruam Castle than he first realised. Together, they embark on a journey that takes them far from home and down winding mountain trails where their actions set in motion the unravelling of an ancient legend that threatens the lives of all dwarfs.

According to “I Write Like”, Diane Lynn McGyver writes like J. R. R. Tolkien.

Forever Heroes: Kellyn came to sit beside him and wrapped her arm around his shoulder. “It’s hard to say, yet I know it’s harder for you to hear. If one ripped my heart from my chest and shook it in my face, I would not ache as I did for that child. Those nights when she cried out your name in dream, it was as if she longed to be cradled in your arms, to be held tight, to be loved. You were—you are her hero. She once told me nothing in Ath-o’Lea mattered but you.”

Lust for Revenge: Morrigan reduced his rate of breathing, released excess air and enhanced the energy to the Cloaking Spell. Not even his scent could drift on the evening air. He relaxed his muscles and appeared to melt into the evergreen. His body slept save his ears and eyes. If the lady discovered him, she’d ruthlessly destroy him to satisfy her lust for revenge.

The Castle Keepers
“Scattered Stones” continues the journey began in “Shadows in the Stone”. Look for “Revelation Stones” in spring 2018.

Follow Diane Lynn McGyver into the Land of Ath-o’Lea and live the fantasy. To learn more about her books and future adventures, visit her website ( or follow her on Twitter: @DLMcGyver.

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About the Author

Diane Lynn McGyver grew up along the wild shores of Nova Scotia, Canada. She spent her summers running barefoot through the forest and sailing on the sea, and her winters building snow forts, skating and playing hockey. She began writing at an early age, filling Campfire Notebooks with tales based on her imagination and her adventures.

She currently dwells on a small homestead where she raises children, Toggenburg goats and heritage-breed chickens. Her work has appeared in more than a thousand publications since 1997.

She is the author of “Shadows in the Stone” (traditional adult fantasy), “Pockets of Wildflowers”, “Twistmas – The Season for Love” (both adult romance), “Fowl Summer Nights” (humour) and “Nova Scotia – Life Near Water” (anthology). The second book in the fantasy Castle Keepers series “Scattered Stones” will be launched May 6, 2016.

To learn more about her books and future adventures, visit Diane’s website (, or follow her on Twitter: @DLMcGyver.

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