Scooter and Friends Take a Vacation 

by – Nancy Strom (Author)

Featuring Scooter and her friends Murphy, Betsy and Bandit.

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Book Description:

A red fox pup, a hedgehog, a beaver, and a raccoon go on their first vacation, and while on their trek they encounter a bit more adventure than they originally anticipated.
Scooter and Friends Take a Vacation is a fun romp for children and adults of all ages, and includes some valuable life lessons. It celebrates diversity through the inclusion of a variety of animals, both male and female. It teaches children to work together, and rewards teamwork, shows the value of listening, taking advice, and to not be afraid to try something new.
Featuring Scooter and her friends Murphy, Betsy and Bandit.

Reviews for the Book

"Nancy Strom's picture book story, Scooter and Friends Take a Vacation, is all about good friends and good times. Told in very clever rhyming verse, the story introduces each of the four friends and describes each friend using a unique characteristic about the animal, like Scooter, the red fox, who "was always up to something, into mischief, just because"- an apt description of the characteristic of a wily fox. The story is a celebration of friendships, but also one of recognizing diversity and the power of the young to overlook differences, to work together, to have fun together and to help each other out. The animal characters are developed with care and compassion and the plot thickens with added excitement as the adventure progresses. The illustrations help carry the story along as the young foursome learn how to work together and to utilize each other's strengths to full advantage. A wonderful story about friendships and the power of diversity and acceptance." - Judge Emily-Jane Orford, Readers' Favorite Five Stars
"The story contains electrifying twists that present a chance to go beyond the familiar. End-rhymes are utilized which adds musicality to the work and these help young readers remember the plot and words used. Carolyn Van Hosen's beautiful watercolor illustrations adorn the pages, making the story even more captivating. The images are creative, colorful and useful in telling the story. Scooter and Friends Take a Vacation is a delightful, engaging story that comes packed with lessons for all readers, especially its young audience who will be inspired to form friendships, have adventures, and discover new things."  -  Judge Edith Wairimu, Readers' Favorite Five Stars

About the Author: Nancy Strom

Nancy Strom (nee Stocker) was born in Oakland, Ca., attended high school in Bellevue, Wa., and received a BA in Sociology from the University of California at Berkeley. She spent her professional career in Personnel Management (today’s HR) in both the academic and private sectors. One of the highlights during this period was when she worked at the Lawrence Hall of Science on the Berkeley campus, and wrote a procedure for the advancement of Instructors, non-professor-series academics, which was incorporated into the campus Academic Personnel Guidelines. Toward the end of her 40 year professional career she worked with her husband in a small business they owned. Here Nancy received a grant to start an English as a Second Language (ESL) program for their many Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian employees. She devised something she called The Buddy System as an adjunct to the ESL program, where native-English-speaking employees acted as tutors for the Southeast Asian employee students. She received an award from the Association of Washington Businesses for her Buddy System for its innovative approach to employee relations. After retirement Nancy decided to try her hand at writing a children’s book. She had often, over the years, written new lyrics to existing melodies for birthday parties, anniversaries, and the like. She decided to put that enjoyment of rhyming to work in her book. She created a story, written in rhyme, where loveable animals go on an adventure – Scooter and Friends Take a Vacation.

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