Scooter & Cupcake by Mary Anne Lipousky-Butikas

Literary Awards:

Honorable Mention (Children’s Books) in the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival.

Honorable Mention (Children’s Books) in the 2013 New England Book Festival.

Celebrate the joy of friendship and the satisfaction it brings with this delightful book about two best friends. Told in rhyme with cheerful, bright illustrations, Scooter & Cupcake take young readers on a lively, fast-paced journey of friendship and camaraderie. These two inseparable piggy pals share everything: possessions and activities as well as helping in times of need. Scooter & Cupcake is a great building block for young readers.

Review from Little Red Reads: “What a cute little rhyming book. The piggy illustrations are adorable. The story tells of two little piggies, Scooter and Cupcake, who have learned how to share everything they have with each other and how much fun it is. They love each other and wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a great little book for teaching our young ones the joy of sharing with each other and the happiness it brings.”
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“A wonderful children’s book!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By PeggyfromOhio

I highly recommend this book for children of all ages! All of Mary Anne’s Lipousky-Butikas’ books are delightful! I have just ordered “A Piece Of Cake” and “The Naughty Knot” because I loved this one and “Aunt Martha’s Bun” so much. I have bought several books to give away and I always keep one copy on hand for when my great-nieces or other little ones are here. Reading these books aloud reminds me of why Dr. Seuss books are so popular–the clever rhyming and rhythm makes them a joy to read, and the illustrations and adorable!

About the Author

Mary Anne Lipousky-Butikas is the award-winning author and illustrator of: Aunt Martha’s Bun (2011), Scooter & Cupcake (2012), A Piece of Cake (2012), The Naughty Knot (2013), Mr. Dooley’s Circus (2014), Scooter & Cupcake: In the Pink (2015) and Tillie’s Magic Boots and Words for Girls (2017). She is also the illustrator of Jake Aurelian’s Pete the Picky Piranha (2014). Additional publishing credits include, North Light Books’ Splash 6: The Magic of Texture and Watercolor Studio Magazine. She has exhibited art on the national level through the National Watercolor Society and Transparent Watercolor Society of America; she holds Signature Status with the Missouri and Illinois Watercolor Societies. To date, Mary Anne’s children’s books have won six literary awards: Hollywood, California (2), Boston, Los Angeles, New York City and London, England. Mary Anne’s books have an overall 4.9 star rating on! Commercial for Mary Anne’s children’s books:

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