Scorching Steam by Jillian L Xavier

Mya sex drive is out of control this is what Sebastian loves about her.However sexy green eyed Gisele invades her thoughts, dreams with seduction. Sex with Sebastian is mind blowing his technique and tongue tricks keeps Mya satisfied. And he would be damned if another bitch eats his lunch. On the other hand- Mya’s Mom is fussing about her shacking up with Sebastian, her relationship with her sister Diamond and her niece Mariah whom she adores. Which is a huge concern since Mya eats sleep and drink Sebastian all day long. Her body cries for him and Gisele craves her but Mya conscious? Is her Judge.
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“Excellent read spiced and hot!”

Five Star Review on Amazon by YahReady4We

I love this story it’s down to earth, I can identify with Mya she is a ball of fire. I definitely recommend this book it’s a good read.
I would love to see it as a movie I took a chance on this book despite the last review and I stand firm to say it’s a winner. Looking forward to book two. Nice Cliffhanger thank you.

About the Author

Hello! My name is Jillian L Xavier I’m originally from Trinidad and Tobago.
My new book is Scorching Steam!Which is a two part series of a very sexy relationship that’s down to earth. I’ve been writing for decades, I’m happy to finally publish this book.

I’m very passionate about writing.I hope you enjoy!

D’Andre I Love You Son:) Mom

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