fswfvgToday I woke up in a dead guy’s coffin… underneath someone else’s body.

Anyone with half a brain knows that if you are going to cheat and sin, you should never, ever sign a blood contract promising fidelity. But Bill is a writer, in fact, they have crowned him the King of True Crime. He’s convinced he knows how to get what he wants and still have his home and family in the suburbs.

So who will end up in the coffin, waiting for the crematory to heat up? Bill with his lying, cheating ways? His sweet, loving wife, Bianca, who stands in the way of his lust? Or the sultry, forbidden, other woman who is a threat to Bill’s marriage and that damned contract signed in blood?

Scorn Kills has been called a kind of cool Twilight Zone- esque novel with unusual twists and turns. It gets into the head of the Bill Branch as he gets himself deeper, and deeper down a path of destruction.

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“Hell Hath No Fury…”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Elizabeth Horton-Newton

“Scorn Kills” by Suzi Albracht grabbed my attention with the first sentence and held it throughout this book. A somewhat tongue in cheek examination of man’s weakness when it comes to women and money (not necessarily in that order) Albracht created a character I wanted to smack in the head. From the beginning Bill Branch is obviously an opportunist. I liked him and almost felt sorry for him when he first became entangled in the web of lies he spun. But as the story unfolded I began to lose patience with good old Bill. Without giving away too much I will say I had very little sympathy for him at the end. He is never satisfied with what he has and always seems to be looking for something better. His well to do wife has secrets of her own that make the story even more compelling. The ending was a surprise I didn’t see coming. If this story has a moral it might be “when you sell your soul to the devil, expect to get burned”.

About the Author

I love to write horror thrillers with intense personal relationships between characters. I started reading earlier in life than most of my friends and spent many hours hidden in closets and under beds, sneaking in just another ten minutes of whatever book I was reading. As soon as I was old enough, my mother would send me to the library to pick up books for her. This delighted me because it opened up a whole new world of books not available in school. 

I read everything I could get my hands on but was drawn to sci-fi, horror and thrillers. As I matured, I would say my main influences became Stephen King, DeanKoontz and William Faulkner. My writing definitely reflects those influences.

I can honestly say my twitter bio describes me to a T – Write, scare myself, turn all the lights on, write some more. Take a break, play pool, kick butt/get butt kicked,go writemore horror, double lock door.

To reach me regarding my book (s) or to just say hello (please, no spam), email me at SuziAlbracht@aol.com

Send me an email if you want to be alerted of new book releases.

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