Andrew Sullivan is a thirty-something London professional who experiences dramatic shifts in reality after surviving a near-fatal traffic accident, leading him on a quest to understand the true nature of existence. Continuing to succumb to a succession of horrific hallucinations, he seeks the aid of conventional and unconventional sources in a desperate attempt to transform his damaged mind and navigate an unstable world that threatens his relationships, and his sanity. Scorpions in a Meadow feeds psychological, philosophical and scientific views of life into a fast-moving and thought-provoking adventure that will lead you to question what being alive might really mean.
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“Thought-provoking tale.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Onepk

I really enjoyed reading this imaginative book, which explored different realities and the nature of being as viewed though the lenses of philosophy, psychology and quantum physics. Those themes, combined with an exciting tale, make this fascinating first novel a compelling read, with an ending which will surprise many.

About the Author

Sam Driver was born in Lincoln in 1977 and moved south with his family to spend his childhood in various towns in the home counties just outside London. The son of a vicar, he was raised in a liberal and open-minded Christian environment that encouraged free-thinking exploration of philosophical themes. Born from this was a keen interest in how things work, which led him to study Biological Sciences at the University of Exeter before forging a career as a professional writer and editor in science and medical publishing. He lives near Oxford with his wife and young son.

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