SEAL Team Six: Hunt the Leopard

The pace is relentless, and the inside knowledge of how the SEALs operate again gives this series its appeal. . . . For action fans, Crocker continues to deliver.
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Book Description:

Thomas Crocker’s SEAL Team Six crew deploys to the Nigerian jungle to combat arms and human trafficking by Boko Haram, in Don Mann and Ralph Pezzullo’s latest fiercely authentic military thriller.

The charismatic Boko Haram leader Ratty Festus, also known as the Leopard, has been terrorizing drought-ridden northeastern Nigeria: raiding villages, blowing up government buildings, and kidnapping schoolgirls. When Thomas Crocker and his Black Cell team, who are in the country on a special training mission, hear about a possible arms-for-schoolgirls exchange between Boko Haram and a Russian arms dealer on the Cameroon border, they convince a Nigerian Special Forces unit to join them in trying to stop it. The operation quickly goes south, with a deadly helicopter crash and an ambush. They can’t manage to save all of the girls, even with assistance from a quick-thinking group of British private-security contractors.
A week later, the Leopard seizes control of a $500-million dollar Gulf Oil natural gas plant, demanding a $50-million dollar ransom and safe passage out of the compound. Crocker has just 24 hours to plan and execute a high-risk, low-probability, mission to rescue all eighty innocent hostages–including two of his own who are trapped with the civilians.
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The writers have penned another thrilling and lifelike military adventure that transports the reader into the harshest battlegrounds in existence. This time out, the team is in Nigeria, purportedly to train members of the Nigerian Special Forces in their battle against the terrorist group Boko Haram. The Boko Haram group is led by a ruthless leader who practices mass murder of innocents, children, and engages in kidnapping and rape. The Seal Team mission fails and the terrorists escape, for the time being. Eventually, the factions meet again, this time at a natural gas facility. Boko Haram soldiers want to kill the plant workers and as many Seal Team soldiers as possible. The action is non-stop, and we also get into the heads of some of the Seals finding out what makes them do what they do. Enough action to satisfy the most hardened of military adventure fans.

-- Steve Aberle

Ralph Pezzullo (Author)

I’ve lived in some interesting places, starting with New York City…. When I was five my father joined the Foreign Service of the State Department. His job took us to Washington, DC, Mexico, South Vietnam, Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, Uruguay and Nicaragua. We lived in Saigon during the Tonkin Gulf Incident, the overthrow of Diem, a number of other coup d’etats and almost daily Vietcong terrorist attacks against Americans. We survived three years gasping for air at 13,000 feet in La Paz, Bolivia during the time that Che Guevarra was trying to build a guerrilla base in that country. In 1980 I was in Nicaragua debating politics with guys like Tomas Borge and the Ortega brothers and witnessing the first days of the Sandinista Revolution (the subject of the non-fiction book At the Fall of Somoza, which I wrote with my father). So, yes, I have some stories to tell. After college I worked as a freelance journalist and for the National Endowment for the Arts. And when I moved back to New York City, I started writing plays. By the middle of the wild ’80s I had became part of the downtown avant-garde theater scene working at such places as La Mama, Theater for the New City, Here and the Public Theater. Since then, fourteen of my plays have had their premieres in Manhattan. In 1986 two movie producers attended an Off Broadway play of mine called The Education of One Miss February (a farce about the rise to fame of a Playboy bunny), optioned it for the movies and commissioned me to write a screenplay. That got me started writing for TV and film. I’ve also worked as a copywriter, speechwriter, published poems in literary anthologies and written an eight-part radio series called The Swamp Fox for National Public Radio and the BBC. (And I’ve been a bartender, actor, rock guitarist/singer, cruise planner, construction worker, labor foreman, baseball player, soccer coach, short order cook, writing teacher and ghost writer.) I had written just about everything, except for a mystery novel. But that changed with Eve Missing published in October 2003. At the close of that year, I moved to Los Angeles to jump into the film world. It’s been interesting so far working with directors like Oliver Stone, Antoine Fuqua, James Foley, Roger Donaldson, etc. Equally fascinating has been my work (book and film) with former CIA undercover operative Gary Berntsen (Jawbreaker, The Walk-In) and former LAPD detective Steve Hodel. I keep learning. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

The pace is relentless, and the inside knowledge of how the SEALs operate again gives this series its appeal. . . . For action fans, Crocker continues to deliver.

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