51MrrLmFbgL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Fighting to remain one step ahead of SACOM, Nolan Peters and Megan Carson investigate the mysterious disappearance of their friend, Carl Wilkins. During the investigation, Nolan struggles with his growing affection for Megan, while she tries to cope with the recent death of her husband. Will the strain bring them together, or drive them apart?
When the pair uncovers evidence of a treasonous conspiracy that threatens the stability of all human worlds across the galaxy, they reluctantly put their trust in a SACOM investigator and a hard-nosed Army general to root out the conspirators. Will their trust prove to be their undoing… or prevent a galactic-scale military coup?

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“A great adventure.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By John Stosh

I couldn’t stop reading the story. I had to follow the adventure to see what what’s going to happen next. I really enjoyed reading this story and hope to read more stories written be Jim Proctor.

About the Author

Jim Proctor has worked as a research engineer and scientist for more than 34 years. An avid reader of science-fiction and fantasy since high school, he began writing his first novel around 2009. He also enjoys writing short stories, and loves a good plot twist.

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