Aki Sato is a 15-year-old girl living in Tokyo with her two brothers, Kenji (20) and Hiro (16). Their parents are gone, killed in a train accident. Kenji has dropped out of school to take over the family business, which the others help in. All three are dealing with the loss differently…Kenji remains stolid and quiet, Hiro is dark, brooding and not very communicative, and Aki remains optimistic.

Aki’s deeper issue is the Amida Syndrome, which she inherited from her mother. Aki has the ability to time travel but has no training or experience in using it. Furthermore, Aki is beset by terrifying nightmares, including one in which she continues to hear a strange metallic sound.

A breakdown of the family truck leads to the incident that changes their lives forever. From the house comes that very sound. An investigation leads them to Kazu, an aging former blues musician. He agrees to teach Hiro guitar and becomes a mentor to Aki.

Kazu also is a traveler, and proves it by whisking them all to San Francisco of the 1960s, and infusing all of them with the blues, the music that so took him.

Aki decides to test her powers. A series of misadventure follows, as Aki brings her brothers to the Mississippi Delta of the 30s, London of the 60s, and pre-9/11 New York City, where they meet a legend who died before anyone knew his name.

Aki gains further understanding of her powers, and also discovers her own “voice.” The story ends in a unique manner, but leaves the door wide open to a future where the reader will ask, “What happens next? How did they do?”

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