When a banished mousemaid and her crippled companion race across a field in the dark of night to warn Evershade of the impending crow attack, Ash and the other Walnut Keepers must choose to stay and fight for their beloved home–or flee for their very lives.

But how can a peaceful, weaponless society of woodland creatures ever hope to defeat the murderous crows? In the midst of the worst drought in Evershade history, Ash and the others must call on their talents and their allies in neighboring kingdoms if they are to have any hope of surviving the coming war.

And if they survive, what will they do when the water runs out for good?
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Barbara Warren

Evershade, a peaceful kingdom, is threatened by the worse drought in it’s history. Ash and the other Walnut Keepers struggle to gather food they need for survival. The crow king knows the residents of Evershade have no weapons because they’ve never needed them. He decides to attack Evershade. They will strip the vaults of the food, swallow their young and bring the kingdom to its knees. As the citizens of Evershade prepare for war, they must rely on each other and their allies, but will that be enough to defeat the murdering crows? The delightful creatures who come to life in this book will draw readers of all ages from page one. I couldn’t stop reading. It’s that good. I strongly recommend this book. It is definitely a keeper. I’m waiting for book two.

About the Author

I am currently under contract for nine books, including the remaining four books in the Evershade series, as well as a western and three picture books. When I pitched “Season of Crows” to my publisher at the Ozark Creative Writers conference in 2015, I threatened to vomit on him. He ended up asking for the first three chapters, and within a few weeks, I had a contract for six novels. When in doubt, threaten them with puke! 😉

I live on a small farm in southern Missouri with my two amazing and mildly insane children. Actually, I may be the one who is insane… I enjoy writing Middle Grade/Young Adult Fantasy, but I also love to write picture books. Every story is written longhand in spiral bound notebooks, and I later type them into my computer. I prefer the flow of the pen over the click of the keys and the mild onslaught of radiation from my laptop any day.

Only death will keep me from writing, which will probably happen if I trip and fall and ultimately get pecked to death by our chickens…

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